miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2015

2015 reflections

It remains only a week in November and we arrive at the last month of the year. That's why it's time to make reflections on the 2015.

I think if I had to decide if 2015 was a good or bad year, I would say that was a good year. In college I'm finishing the necessary classes for the degree. Plus, after four years, I'm finally ending English classes. Another important thing is I am finishing my thesis, which has been very difficult for me and my colleagues.

Another good thing about 2015 is that it was a very entertaining year. I met very nice people. Besides I could travel with my brother, that was something that had long been pending.

Of course, this year also had bad things. Perhaps the academic load was too big, but in the next year next year I will have very few classes. Even in the fifth year of the career we are going only 2 times a week to college.

I hope that next year is equal or better than this. What I would like to improve this year is to make time to be with my parents. I would also like to study more for tests and not leave everything to the last minute haha.

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