martes, 20 de octubre de 2015

How green are you?

I’m not what you would call a “green” kind of person. I don’t really care about separating litter from recycling stuff like paper, plastic or glass. I neither care about the use of water, which I know is bad, as it is a necessary resource to preserve life in our planet. It’s not like I’m contaminating and littering on purpose, and if I find water going I close the faucet. Also, I don’t throw paper on the street because I really hate to see people doing it.

Despite that I’m not that “green”, my family really worries about that as the community does: my municipalidad distributed containers along the comuna to separate recycle materials from litter.

I believe that is important to raise awareness among kids by educating them on how and which materials they can reuse or recycle, which I think was missing from my education and is why I don’t have the habit.

Furthermore, I think that is really important to teach people the benefits for them and the environment on using the public transportation system, because car usage is a huge part of the footprint, especially in cities like Santiago.

As a sidenote, my brother is developing a web platform to help people understand their own carbon footprint and how to reuse materials by teaching them a series of “how-to” of do-it-yourself projects based on common stuff.

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