lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015

The best holidays I’ve ever had

The last year I went to Tarija, a small city in the south of Bolivia. I travel alone by bus for most than 30 hours.

When I arrived to Tarija I see a beautiful, quite and (VERY) cheap city! Every corner in Tarija was special to me, because I saw things I never saw in my life, like papayas whit the size of a watermelon or the kollas chewing coca.

For me, the most amazing place in Tarija was the market. It’s a very big place in downtown and you can eat "pique a lo macho" or "picana", typical bolivian food. Another funny place was the “Hostal Jolie”, a motel outside the city whit the face of Angelina Jolie over the entrance.

In Tarija I stayed with my aunt Veronica and his family for 3 weeks, and after I had to travel to Santiago (in bus again). The only bad moment in the travel was when I was in Mendoza to cross the frontera to chile and the police closed the “Paso Los Libertadores”, so I had to stay one more day in Mendoza in the worst hotel of the world.

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